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Award for Grades 1-3

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“Yoda: The story of a Cat and his Kittens”

by Beth Stern

Illustrated by Devin Crane

Yoda was an adopted cat who did not want to interact with anyone, until the kittens came.  When his owner started fostering kittens, Yoda took it upon himself to become their foster parent, teaching the little ones everything they would need to know to be a proper cat.



by Kelly DiPucchio

Illustrated by Christian Robinson

Gaston is the only bulldog in a family of poodles.  When a mixup at the park leaves Gaston with a family of bulldogs for the day, he learns that appearances don’t determine where you belong.

mogie“Mogie: The Heart of the House”

by Kathi Appelt

Illustrated by Marc Rosenthal

Mogie is the one pup out of his litter of service dogs who just can’t seem to follow the rules.  He can’t follow the rules, never learned how to sit properly, and certainly can’t have a job like his brothers and sisters.  But when Mogie takes a trip to the children’s hospital he finds out that there might just be a place for him after all.


toothfairy“The Tooth Fairy Wars”

by Kate Coombs

Illustrated by Jake Parker


Nathan has lost his first tooth, but he doesn’t want to give it to the tooth fairy, he wants to keep it!  The tooth fairy has other plans however.  Watch these two go head to head in this battle over baby teeth!


“Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla”

by Katherine Applegate
Illustrated by G. Brian Karas

Follow the true story of Ivan, a gorilla who was raised in a shopping mall as a publicity stunt.  Growing up Ivan did not have the proper habitat that gorillas need, and became depressed because of this.  As time went on, pressure was put on the mall to give Ivan a better quality of life, eventually leading to his transfer to a local zoo.  This story follows one of the more unique adventures a gorilla has ever had.

umande“A Mom for Umande”

by Maria Faulconer

Illustrated by Susan Kathleen Hartung


Umande was raised by zoo-keepers instead of his mother, and as such learned the basic life skills without having any real family to speak off.  This books follows the true story of one baby gorilla and his keepers quest to find him a surrogate mother. A heartwarming story about love and adoption.


“Ninja Red Ridding Hood”

by Corey Rosen Schwartz

Illustrated by Dan Santat


In this unique take on the little red riding hood story, the three little pigs have set up a dojo and are teaching all the fairy tale characters the ways of karate.  The big bad wolf is in for a rough time when he tries to take on this little girl and her grandmother!

strongheart“Strongheart: The World’s First Movie Star Dog”

by Emily Arnold McCully


This tale follows the journey of Strongheart, the former police dog who became a movie star.  Raised to hunt criminals, Strongheart wasn’t used to playing and having fun, but when Larry Trimble decided to put him into his films Strongheart won the hearts of America.  When his old training gets him into trouble on set, would Strongheart get to remain in the spotlight?  Read and find out!

elizabeth“Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas”

by Lynne Cox

Illustrated by Brian Floca


Elizabeth is a elephant seal who decided to make her home right in the middle of the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.  When the townsfolk become worried for her safety, they take her out to the ocean and let her go.  But Elizabeth just keeps coming back, no matter how far away she is taken.

justenough“I love you just enough”

by Robbyn Smith Van Frankenhuyzen

Illustrated by Gijsbert Van Frankenhuyzen

While tending the family farm, Heather discovers a baby duckling all alone in the grass.  Heather wants to care for him, but her father warns her that he cannot be a pet, instead she has to teach him how to be a duck.  Throughout the summer Heather and the duckling “Mr. Peet” tackle all the important duck skills, such as finding food, swimming, and most importantly, learning how to fly.