Build a Robot Contest

As part of the FIZZ, BOOM, READ and Spark A Reaction Summer Reading Program, the Centralia Public Library is hosting a robot contest.Robotreading

To participate in the contest:

  1.  Sign up for the Summer Reading Program.
  2. Use your imagination to create a robot out of any materials! (it does not have to include moveable parts although that would be cool )
  3. Bring your creation to the library before Friday, June 27th. Along with your robot, include a short ‘story’ about what your robot can do, where he lives, etc. (parents can help if handwriting is a challenge) *Be creative*
  4. Robots will be judged on Friday, June 27th and announced at classes the following week.
  5. Winners will receive prizes.
  6. All participants may leave their robot in the library to be displayed for the month of July.

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