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Jack Meyer


Email: Hello! I joined the library on April 2016 after receiving my masters degree in Library and Information science at MU. As director it is my job to help make the library a resource for the community, enforce policies voted into action by the board of trustees, and in general make sure the lights stay on. Along with my library degree I have a bachelors in English Literature and an Associates Degree in Teaching. When I’m not working at the library I enjoy doing acrobatic yoga with my wife, gardening, and of course reading (surprise!). I have 2 dogs (a great Pyrenees and a Shiba-Inu mix), a blind cat, and an extremely laid back turtle.


I’m here to serve the people of Centralia as best I can! Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the library.

Amy.Non-FicLibrarianAmy Hopkins

Reference Librarian

Email: I’ve been with the library since 2003. I am in charge of ordering the Non-fiction & Reference titles in our collection.  I have recently been given the task of entering all the materials that come into the Library as well as taking care of all Interlibrary loans. I am married (21 years!) and have a daughter who graduated from Centralia High in 2010.  I have 2 crazy dogs and love to read! One of my favorite websites is, click this link to see what I’m reading!

Leah Smoot

Adult Fiction Librarian

Leah SmootEmail: Hello!  I have been working here at the library as of June 2012, and am in charge of the Adult Fiction section, eBooks, and the Phenomenal over 50 Adult Programming.   I have always enjoyed reading (especially mysteries!) and grew up a pretty avid reader.  When I was little, my parents would catch me reading under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to be sleeping.  My husband, Justin, 8th grade math teacher and 7th grade football coach, and I officially moved to Centralia in June of 2012.  We have a beautiful baby girl, and two dogs, Scooter (a Beagle/Basset mix,) and Chloe (a Labrador/Australian Shepard,) who are quite spoiled.    My interests include crafts of all kinds and photography.  In fact, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Photography from the University of Central Missouri, and I opened my photography business, Lens Photo, in May of 2013!  On my days off from the library, that’s what you can find me doing!  I am really enjoying getting to know people in the community, and just the city of Centralia itself.

katherineKatherine Butrum

Youth Services Librarian

Email: Hello 🙂 I have lived in Centralia all my life, with the exception of living in Moberly while receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education. I have been married to my husband Michael since 2011. We have a sassy Basset Hound named Willow. I enjoy spending time with my family, being involved in the Children’s Ministry at Rocky Fork Fellowship in Hallsville, reading, painting, baking, and crafting! I have a passion for working with children and teens and I am proud that my job here at CPL is to encourage kids to read. I am in charge of ordering all books for patrons ages 0-18 as well as leading story times, the Summer Reading Program, and teen events. Come visit me at the library and I will help you find your next favorite book! Also, find me on to see my recommendations for Young Adult and Juvenile literature.

Student Librarians

Caitlin Jeffries

20150611_194625-1Hello! I have been working at the library since July 2014.  I do a lot of different things in the library, but I would say my biggest responsibility is entering everyone’s library card information.  I have been interested in being a librarian ever since I was a library cadet at Centralia High School for Terri Brunner. I love helping people and watching Mrs. Brunner showed me that being a librarian is a great way to do that.  I graduated from Centralia High School in 2010 and since then I have received my Associates of Arts degree from Moberly Area Community College and my Bachelors Degree from Columbia College.  I hope to one day go back to school and get my Masters in Library Science.  I live with my fiance (Tyler Spears) and our three dogs.  I love to read just about any genre, but fantasy/adventure graphic novels are my favorite.

Sadiqa Saleh

I graduated from Centralia High School, got my Associates Degree at Moberly Area Community College, and am currently in the process of getting a dual bachelor degree in Fisheries and Wildlife and English Literature at the University of Columbia.  I live in Thompson and have considered Centralia my hometown for as long as I can remember. I love to read and write a range of fiction books and can often be found doing one or the other at anytime of the day. I’m happy to finaly work in a place that can easily support that habit.  I ‘m always interested in hearing people’s stories and would love to hear yours at anytime.

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