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Jack Meyer


Email: Hello! I joined the library on April 2016 after receiving my masters degree in Library and Information science at MU. As director it is my job to help make the library a resource for the community, enforce policies voted into action by the board of trustees, and in general make sure the lights stay on. Along with my library degree I have a bachelors in English Literature and an Associates Degree in Teaching. When I’m not working at the library I enjoy doing acrobatic yoga with my wife, gardening, and of course reading (surprise!). I have 2 dogs (a great Pyrenees and a Shiba-Inu mix), a blind cat, and an extremely laid back turtle.


I’m here to serve the people of Centralia as best I can! Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the library.

Amy.Non-FicLibrarianAmy Hopkins

Reference Librarian

Email: I’ve been with the library since 2003. I am in charge of ordering the Non-fiction & Reference titles in our collection.  I have recently been given the task of entering all the materials that come into the Library as well as taking care of all Interlibrary loans. I am married (26 years!) and have a daughter who graduated from Centralia High in 2010.  I have 3 crazy dogs and love to read! One of my favorite websites is, click this link to see what I’m reading!

Leah Smoot

Adult Fiction Librarian

Leah SmootEmail: Hello!  I have been working here at the library as of June 2012, and am in charge of the Adult Fiction section, eBooks, and Adult Programming.   I have always enjoyed reading (especially mysteries!) and grew up a pretty avid reader.  When I was little, my parents would catch me reading under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to be sleeping.  My husband, Justin, 8th grade math teacher and track coach, and I officially moved to Centralia in June of 2012.  We have a bright, beautiful little girl and a peppy pup, Scooter, who is a Beagle/Basset mix.  My interests include crafts of all kinds and photography.  In fact, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Photography from the University of Central Missouri in 2010, and I opened my photography business, Smoot Photography & Design (formerly Lens Photo,) in May of 2013!  On my days off from the library, that’s what you can find me doing.  I am really enjoying getting to know people in the community, and just the city of Centralia itself.  I have become involved with Centralia Women’s Network, and enjoy being part of some community events and helping where I can.

Caitlin Jeffries

Youth Services Librarian

Email: Hello! My name is Cait and I started working at the library in July 2014 as a Student Librarian. In September 2017, I became the Youth Services Librarian.  I order the children’s, juvenile, and young adult books. I also lead the story times, the Summer Reading Program, and teen events such as Second Saturday. I have been interested in being a librarian since I was given the opportunity to work as a library cadet at Centralia High School for Terri Brunner. I love helping people and watching Mrs. Brunner showed me that being a librarian is a great way to do that. I really enjoyed working with the last Youth Services Librarian, Katherine Butrum. Katherine taught me how great it is to work with children and young adults and help them nurture their love for reading. I really enjoy doing Storytime with the younger kids and doing Second Saturday with the teenagers. I graduated from Centralia High School in 2010 and since then I have received my Associates of Arts degree from Moberly Area Community College and my Bachelors Degree from Columbia College. I hope to one day go back to school and get my Masters in Library Science.  I live with my fiancé (Tyler Spears) and our three dogs. Tyler and I are expecting a baby boy in December 2017. I love to read just about any genre, but fantasy/adventure graphic novels are my favorite.

Student Librarians

Sadiqa Saleh

I graduated from Centralia High School, got my Associates Degree at Moberly Area Community College, and am currently in the process of getting a dual bachelor degree in Fisheries and Wildlife and English Literature at the University of Columbia.  I live in Thompson and have considered Centralia my hometown for as long as I can remember. I love to read and write a range of fiction books and can often be found doing one or the other at anytime of the day. I’m happy to finally work in a place that can easily support that habit.  I‘m always interested in hearing people’s stories and would love to hear yours at anytime.


Katrina Grenke

Hi! My name is Trina Grenke. I was born in Centralia and have lived here all my life. I’ve loved the library and reading ever since I could remember. I’m home schooled and have yet to graduate, but when I do I would like to be a lawyer or a horse trainer (I’m still deciding). I enjoy playing the piano, English Country Dancing, and (obviously) reading. My favorite series is Keeper of the Lost Cities by: Shannon Messenger and my favorite author is Ally Carter. I highly recommend them both!

Samantha Nichols

Hello! My name is Samantha Nichols and I have lived in Centralia all my life. I graduated from Centralia High School in 2016 and I am continuing my education at Stephens College in Columbia. I major in English, so I have to read a lot of books for classes such as memoirs and other literary works. I have always loved the library and I am so excited to start working here as a Student Librarian. I love to read YA fiction, especially book series. My favorites are Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead and Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling.


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