Goals for CPL

Board Approved: 9/11/15

One Year:

  • Website redesign COMPLETED
  • New patron card application process and matching online form  COMPLETED
  • Promote use of online library accounts  COMPLETED
  • Grow social media presence  COMPLETED
  • Create library demos and tutorials to promote services
  • Set up at home access to MOREnet resources and databases
  • Technology training for staff (ONGOING)
  • Self-check station  COMPLETED
  • Second Saturday for teens  COMPLETED
  • Paint East/West library doors  COMPLETED
  • Neighborhood the entire adult non-fiction section  COMPLETED
  • Upgrade library WiFi for better signal and to count circulation  COMPLETED
  • Storytime Kits available for checkout  COMPLETED
  • New shelf for New Releases  COMPLETED
  • New table or shelf for DVDs that will allow for them to be alphabetized  COMPLETED
  • Additional book club for adults
  • Small table and chairs for patio

Five Year:

  • Parking expansion
  • Storage expansion
  • New carpet throughout
  • Window coverings or tinting for lower windows
  • Flat screens installed in YA section, Children’s room, and Reading Room for use during events, classes, and programs. Also, one to replace the bulletin board by the mural for announcements and library updates.
  • Replace aging furnaces  COMPLETED
  • Redesign YA section to be teen friendly and cozy (new furniture, more outlets, better gathering spaces)  COMPLETED
  • OPAC machines on both sides of the library  COMPLETED
  • Movie licensing for programming  COMPLETED
  • Replace aging furniture (including computer chairs and tall counter chairs)  COMPLETED
  • Full set of 5 linked iPads for use in programs and with social media
  • Laptop cart for individual checkout and use within the library. Including laptop reservations for those who need to take online courses or job related testing.  COMPLETED
  • Update YA & J nonfiction collection to meet copyright standards
  • Digitize the microfilm collection
  • Replace aging drop boxes

10 Year:

  • Program room (that includes a kitchenette, fixed ceiling projector, and possibly a stage)
  • Assistant Children’s/ Teen Librarian
  • Replace circulation desk

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