Borrower’s Rules & Policies



  • Cell phones must be put on silent ring and ALL CALLS taken in foyer or outside of building.
  • Food and drinks are allowed in the library, but NOT in any computer area.  All drinks must have a secure lid.


  • Obtain Library card application from front desk and properly complete  in it’s entirety.  By filling out application you accept all terms and conditions of use of library.
  •  Individual applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age or be legally emancipated.
  • Family cards, with applications required to be completed by an adult, are available for ages 5 years and older. (The adult primary card holder is responsible for all fines, accrued costs and all lost materials.)
  • There is no charge for Library cards.  All cards will be issued for a period of three years.  At the end of three years patron will be asked if all information on account is current.  If you move for any reason please let us know the new address and phone information.
  • During a probationary period of thirty (30) days, new patrons will be limited to six (6) materials total to be checked out of library.
  • The maximum Library materials checked out under any card number shall be limited to fifteen (15) or 5 materials per card for families of more than four. Changes may be made at staff librarians discretion.
  • Materials are on loan for a 3 week period unless otherwise designated.  Renewal of materials will be limited to one (1) unless approved by staff librarian.
  • A maximum of six (6) (any combination) DVD, video, and /or audios can be checked out at one time.  No duplication is permitted on video, audios or DVD.


  • Failure to return library materials when due shall result in a fine of ten (10) cents per day per material, with a maximum of a total of five (5) dollars per person.
  • A charge for replacement of any materials damaged or lost will be equal to the original cost of the material.  If lost material is returned, the amount paid will be returned to the patron.
  • Privileges of the cardholder/family will be suspended until full payment of fines and/or charges.
  • Upon renewal of privileges, the card holder/family may be limited to a total of three (3) materials for a period of three (3) months.
  • Patrons sent a registered letter will be required to reimburse the Library for this expense.


  • Minors will not be allowed to use a computer in the Computer Lab without being accompanied by a parent or guardian or at the staff’s discretion.
  • Any additional software installed on the Library computers must be for educational needs and be approved by the Library Director or the Computer Technician prior to installation.
  • Computers may be used by people visiting the community.  They must sign in and present a photo ID, which will be copied and the copy retained.
  • All patrons who wish to use the computers, with the exception of visitors, are required to have a library card.
  • To print:  the charge per page is ten (10) cents and must be paid to the librarian prior to printing.  Please use print preview before printing to avoid printing pages you do not want.

Posted computer policy applies. Please read carefully!

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